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Written by Lucy on 31/07/2011 09:14

How can this be the middle of winter? Steve, yes STEVE, complained it was too hot earlier, and actually went indoors to get out of the sun!!


Written by Lucy on 01/06/2011 02:52

Oops... doesn't look like I am doing very well at this blogging nonsense... not much good at facebook either. Last Wednesday I should have posted a line about Torin's first tooth, but never got round to it. Then on Sunday I should have said something about Molly's tenth birthday too - Turkish for tea on the Saturday, and a full roast dinner with Yorkshire puds on Sunday.
...but instead I wait until Wednesday 1st June to write about my momentous day at home!! oops! anyone want to hear how many loads of washing I have done this week instead??

Two fabulous weekends!  

Written by Lucy on 22/03/2011 23:48

Just had two fabulous weekends in a row - Island tour, followed by a Newfie weekend in Paeroa. I will never get tired of these beautiful blue skies, and lovely lush landscape. I hope I don't bore everyone else too much with the photos, and my smugness!!
...not that it'll stop me!!

Wot no blog?  

Written by Lucy on 20/01/2011 02:06

Right, time to start on some of this blogging nonsense. Nothing much to report, but I am not sure that's the point of a blog. You want mindless rantings, you've got 'em right here... but then I might get in trouble if I open up with my thoughts today. Ach well, maybe I should just tell you to check out the new piccies. They're pretty much all of Torin, but what would you expect? He is my all time fabulous favourite baby in the whole entire universe afterall!!

Belated November piccies!!  

Written by Lucy on 01/01/2010 05:46

Check out the new photos on the Waiheke page! at long last I have managed to upload some of the adventures we had back in November. There area few of the house (not particularly good ones, but give you an idea of the inside of the house), a few of our walk into town (past two beaches - lurvelly!), and then one of our (many) favourite walks around the island, wandering up by Matiatia Bay where the ferry into Auckland docks each day.

Welcome to Waiheke!  

Written by Lucy on 13/10/2009 00:51

At long last we have updated the website for some long-awaited photos of where we have moved to - Waiheke Island. Check them out! But be warned, there will be more!!

Lovin' it...  

Written by lucy on 19/03/2009 12:17

I am admiring the new look website, and I love it!!! Thank you Steve!!